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Portraits by Commission: Let's make a Timeless Treasure! You can have immortality previously reserved for nobility.  While photos are wonderful keepsakes, portraits in oil will be heirlooms, passed from generation to generation.  



Portraits are painted from photos.  If you already have a photo you love, great.  If not, we can arrange for a photo session to create a special image.  Clients local to Contra Costa County, east of San Francisco, can take advantage of a photo session for only $50.  The fee may be applied to the cost of the portrait.  Out of area photo sessions can be arranged for the cost of travel plus a small fee. Once we have agreed on the best photo (a good photo maximizes success of a portrait), a deposit of one-third of the portrait cost (click on "Prices" tab) intitiates the project. Once the portrait is completed, the final payment (two-thirds) is due. Upon receipt of payment the portrait will be sent to you.  If you are not satisfied, simply return the portrait for refund of final payment.

My goal is to create the best portrait possible, a portrait that captures the subject's inner Spirit -- The Divine Light -- truly a Timeless Treasure!

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